Sheet metal processing: Shearing, edging, bending, punching, round bending, profile bending

The most modern machines are used in sheet metal processing at K + B, so the processing of stainless steels and special grades, including nickel-based materials, presents no problems. In addition, all processes are coordinated by competent and experienced employees. Shearing, edging, bending, punching, round bending, profile bending – all of this is possible with our machinery with the highest precision.

Our machines:

  • Press brake man. EHT 160 to 3.0 m bending length
  • Swivel bending machine man. Fasti 2500 mm x 6.0 mm
  • Plate shears man. EHT Max. cutting capacity 15 mm steel Max. cutting length 3.0 m
  • Four-roll round bending machine man. Davi Max. length 2500 mm Max. bending strength 15 mm Upper roll diameter 320 mm
  • Three-roll round bending machine man. Fasti Max. length 1000 mm Max. bending strength 6 mm Upper roll diameter 90 mm
  • Three-roll bending machine Max. length 1250 mm Max. bending strength 3 mm Upper roll diameter 60 mm
  • CNC punching machine man. Boschert
  • Notching machine man. Boschert
  • Edge milling machine man. Milling fix
  • Ring bending machine man. Birlink Up to approx. 100mm x 25mm
  • Ring bending machine man. Ercolina up to approx. 50mm x 10mm
  • Workshop straightening press 50 to printing capacity

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